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Lauren Bohl,
A Simple Cake Owner

Lauren Bohl White & A Simple Cake

Lauren White’s first experience in the kitchen was cracking eggs into her grandmother’s old mixer as a child. Even though she might have started her training at a very young age, Lauren didn’t turn her passion into a career until many years later.

Lauren received a degree in Interior Design from Miami University in Ohio, and then worked for six years at various high-end design firms in NYC and Washington DC. Even in the midst of her design career, she felt called back to her baking roots.

Finally, she enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education in NYC and earned diplomas in both Pastry and Baking and Culinary Management. Her time at the Institute opened doors for her at Public Restaurant, where she learned the importance of efficiency, speed, and organization, and at Ruth Drennan’s custom cake company, where she was able to put her creative design background to work.

Eventually, Lauren began working with Gail Watson Custom Cakes, and soon became a partner with her sister company, A Simple Cake. Lauren’s time working with Gail proved to be invaluable, and her skills and business knowledge greatly increased under Gail’s leadership.

After Gail retired, Lauren assumed ownership of A Simple Cake. She hopes to continue Gail’s legacy of excellence as she makes this unique and renowned company her own.